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MEV Gökkuşağı Special Education Kindergarten Primary School Secondary School Project – 2006

MEV Gökkuşağı Special Education Kindergarten Primary School Secondary School Project – 2006

What was our goal?

The project was carried out in 2006 together with SERÇEV, Ministry of National Education, National Education Foundation and Ankara Governorship. It has gone down in history as the first and only model school in Turkey where integration education is applied. In reverse integration training; to be a leader in the field of education, to be a leader in similar educational institutions. To ensure the active participation of all stakeholders in the education process in order to achieve the educational goals, to maximize the performance of our students in line with the main objectives of National Education.

What have we accomplished?

  • A fundraising campaign was carried out with the permission of the Ankara Governor’s Office to equip important areas of the school and these equipments were made with innovative technologies.
  • Since the model school was the only one, our children with cerebral palsy, who will continue their education, were waiting in line in MEV Gökkuşağı. SERÇEV applied to Ankara Development Agency and designed this situation and investigated why they were excluded from education and in the final report; The main reasons were determined, such as the educators not knowing what to do due to the fact that the model is a single model and cerebral palsy is a multiple disability state, the physical conditions of other schools are inadequate, the educational diagnosis cannot be made well from the health board reports, and some of our children are not admitted to school due to mental retardation due to lack of stimuli. For our children who have reached the age of education and were left out because of the queue, an empty school was determined by the İller Bankası in Ankara Ostim region for students with autism and it was ensured that approximately 100 children with cerebral palsy who were out of education due to mental retardation were allowed to attend school.