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About Us

Let your awareness make the difference!

SERÇEV was founded in Ankara in 2002; It continues to work with a network of 1700 members and nearly 500 volunteers.

By establishing an exemplary work discipline together with the members and employees of the Association, it works to ensure that children with Cerebral Palsy make the most of their rights in education and health.

The Association of Children with Cerebral Palsy (SERÇEV) continues to work to ensure that a global movement on cerebral palsy is built.

SERÇEV gained the Status of Association for the Public Interest in 2017 by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

To bring individuals with cerebral palsy in our country to society as productive self-sufficient individuals by ensuring that they have equal rights and opportunities like any individual.

1) To create useful models in our country by following the developments in the world, to provide accessible opportunities to our children and their families in all areas,

2) To support and improve health and education services carried out throughout the country,

3) To carry out studies on improving legal regulations and policies related to the disabled,

4) To create a community profile of conscious and responsible individuals free from prejudices through awareness studies,  

5) To carry out activities based on cooperation with public institutions and organizations and the private sector,

6) To ensure that children with cerebral palsy receive vocational education by building new educational models and schools and to ensure that these models are spread throughout the country.